Frequently Asked Questions   
Online Application Phase

What are the dates for application?

Ans: Please check the Important dates section

How many rounds/stages are in the selection process?

Ans: Kindly check the brochure for more details.

I filled the first name in the last name box or vice versa, how to correct it?

Ans: Candidate can edit application unless and until its approved. Changes after approval are not possible.

I have created my login ID/password, is the application process complete?

Ans: Please check the application process flow to know all stages of application.

I have forgotten my ID or password, I cant retrieve it using my mobile no.

Ans: Kindly Use " Forgot Password" Link to retrieve your password.

I don’t know the process to upload photo.

Ans: Please check the application process flow or follow the instructions given at photo uploading stage.